In Loving Memory of
Phillip Jessie Alanouf

I married Phillip in 1974 when I was 15 years old, he was 26 years old, we had our first baby in 1982, our second in 1983, and we adopted a baby in 1988 because we wanted another baby and the natural way just took us too long. Phillip and I went to San Diego for our 19th anniversary and stayed in a beautiful Victorian Cottage, it was a perfect day, ful of love and confirmation of love. We were making love at 1:00 in the morning to finish a beautiful day, when tragity struck. Phillip had a heart attack and died. Its more than 9 years ago, the pain is still fresh and my stomache is still sick.

Our Love is as Staunch as the Holy Cedars of Lebanon, even death shall not prevail over it. Your Family: Debbie, John, Joe, Jessie and Kayla


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