In Loving Memory of
Stanley Wilfred DaBriel
Feb.11,1979 - Sept.12,2000

Rollin' through the hood, just stopped by to say what's up and to let you know that your "baby girl" ain't doing so tough, even though you passed going on three long months i'm still waking up late at night crying tears just thinking about those times you used to talk to me smiling while you were sippin' on some hennessy and how we'd brag on how rich we would be, to get out of Scarborough was our fantasy. Can you hear our songs the radio is playing? I can't believe my ears and what everybody's saying. Boy i'll tell you folks don't know the half, I would give it all up just to take one ride with you. How I used to kick it at the library with you, how i used to lay back and smoke weed with you and now i'm just missing you. I wish that I could hold you now, I wish that I could touch you now, I wish that I could talk to you, be with you somehow. I know you're in a better place, even though I can't see you're face, I know you're smiling down on me saying "everthings OK!!!!". And if I make it out this life I'll see you again someday. I WISH, I WISH, I WISH. STAN, I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU VERY MUCH. UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN.



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