In Loving Memory of
Billie J. Shelton

Billie Shelton: A man whose sense of humor endeared him to many; whose kind heart was a blessing to all with whom he was involved; whose life made a profound inpact on many; whose smile and jokes remained, in spite of a terrible illness, right to the very end; whose precious good nature and silly behaviors will be missed by his loved ones for as long as they live; whose spirit, I believe, is now with our Heavenly Father, waiting patiently for us to join him when it is our time. He gave me the gift of self-confidence; he left notes for me to find after his passing, which has given me courage and belief in his unending love. He loved his children and my children, and all of our grandchildren, and was so very proud of all of them. Although our time with him was not nearly long enough, I must believe that we will one day be together again, and I am so truly thankful for every moment we had with him, and for the impact he had on each of our lives. **** BILLIE J. SHELTON: 8/28/40-8/27/2000. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED WITH LOVE!

With Never-ending Love, Ricki


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