In Loving Memory of
Jason Harold Blane,Sr.

From me to you

Everyday I think about you

wondering if you're okay

hoping you're not alone

wishing that you was here

I'm sending you this song

with all my love

feel it in your soul

know it's from me to you

Everynight I dream about you

remembering the way it used to be

remembering your smile, you eyes

and, especially your heart

remembering Tom Petty and the deer in the headlights

I'm sending you my memories

hoping it will help you hold on

know it's from me to you

There's going to come a time when we'll face eachother once again

just know even though you left

I hold nothing against you

I know it was something that you had todo

I hope you hear this

from me to you

I just wanted you to know a few things

to share with you my heart and soul

just remember, always,

from me to you

By: Paula Parker

let me know what you think



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