In Loving Memory of
Nick Griggs <~~memorial I made for Nick, has his picture there too. This page is a memoral for Nicholas Griggs, who died on April 23rd, 2000, due to head trauma from getting into a fight. He was born on April 29th, 1983 in Hutchinson, Kansas and lived there until moving here to Rochester in 1991. He was 16 years old when he died, 6 days short of his 17th birthday. Included here is a little poem I wrote: as i sit and look out my window hurt and full of pain i think of your untimely death and tears fill my eyes again the time we went to the movies when we went to the waterslide those long late night conversations you were always sweet and kind it's so hard to believe you're gone why did you have to die? but i will always remember you and you'll always be on my mind how scared you must have been the pain you must have felt i can't help but silently scream, "why couldn't the doctors help?!" you weren't old enough to die but your time on earth is done now nothing else can harm you you are up above the sun today we mourn your death thinking back through the years and when we remember your happy face we smile through our tears He will be missed and loved by everyone that knew him, and we will never forget him.



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