In Loving Memory of
Justin Daniel Miller

Justin: your sisters and I and everyone else sure do miss you. Your life was cut short at the age of 19 in a bad car accident. You were just a wonderful young man. My heart aches for you all the time, I know that you and I will be together again. You're with your dad and Pappaw in Heaven now. You went to be with the Lord one year to the day that your Pappaw died. Your dad went to be with the LOrd on May 6th, 99. It has been really tough. You had so many friends at your funeral. They just couldn't believe that you were gone. I moved from our home after getting married and you had told me you were so happy for me that I found a wonderful guy after your father died. I just wish that I had told you that I loved you before you left that night. All your friends have told me that you knew I did. You were always willing to help others. Your girlfriend Tina sang at you funeral "Amazing Grace" . It brought tears to everyones eyes. I love you Mom

Kay Miller Mahoney ( MOM)


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