In Loving Memory of

RYAN, was a 10 year boy who loved life and was a very careing son and brother.One time that really stand's out to me is when me and Ryan went to the toy store and I told Ryan to pick out a couple of G.I. Joe's and Ryan said, "no dad, I'd rather just buy something for sissy." Most 10 year old boys who get a chance to get a couple of G.I. Joe's would not pass it up.Another thing about Ryan is he wanted to be a vegetarian, the reason was because he did not want to eat something that had to give it's life for him. One of the last times I saw Ryan, he took my cigrettes and hid them from me. I was about half way home and was gonna have a smoke and realized they were gone, I remember him saying me, "DAD I'M GONNA TAKE THESE AND THROW THEM AWAY BECAUSE I DON'T WANT YOU TO DIE." My son was a very strong boy and made the best out of every situation wether it is good or bad. He did not deserve to be tooken away from everyone who loved him, but GOD needed him because he was so pure and innocent. "Ryan my son, I WILL be with you again I know I will." There's so many people that love you and I know you hear our prayers. I see your sign's son, keep sending them, that's how I know your OK. Ryan, you were and are a one of a kind, never to be replaced and never to be forgotten.I LOVE YOU SON AND MISS YOU SO MUCH.



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