In Loving Memory of
Jim A. Bergen

You are gone from us, those that loved you, it is so hard to bear, not to be able to hold you and love you and tell you all of the things that I would have liked to have been able to say to you. I am glad that you are not suffering any more, but desperately miss you, I wish I could have a second chance, but I know I must let go. I cannot keep your spirit on this earthly plain, you have earned your chance to soar, if only things had been different, the why's will never be answered. It is so difficult to go on without you, you held this family together, without you here we are all falling apart, we have no direction, or guidance, there is no one that could ever fill your shoes, no one that cares the way that you did. How can we begin to go on and do the things we should when we have no direction in our lives, no goals, no purpose that I know of. The reason I continue is to be here for Brody, who you loved dearly, he can't afford to lose his grandmother as well as his grandfather, but I am afraid I am not doing a very good job, the release of the bottle is just too tempting. To be able to forget for a short time, all that we went through and the pain of losing you, for that I feel so guilty, but it doesn't seem to stop me, I will continue to try to stay away from it, as I know how much you would have hated me to drink. There is little joy in my life these days, it is so empty, so unfullfilled, all the goals I had are not important any more, I just go on one day at a time, and a day doesn't go by that I don't think of you. I look forward to going to bed a night with the hope that I may dream of you. I don't think that I have the strength to live up to you expectations of me anymore. I miss you and I will always love you. Terry

All My Love Always, Your Terry


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