In Loving Memory of
Timoteo Emilio Rodriguez Morales

03-10-1919/ 04-06-2000.

Dear Father and Husband of Nora E. Acevedo:
It has been six (6) months since you have left your family. Inspite of the misunderstadings that we encountered one with the other...I know now just how much you truly loved us.

What fitting tribute can we give you, but to honor the concept of complete honesty and candor that you tried to instill in our lives. It is with much delight, that we can earnestly say you were and are... a decent honorable man. Your life was also a series of upheavels and so there was much confusion in your life. At times, perhaps you lacked some direction. Towards the end of your earthly tried to make amends by realizing your harshness; effectually making peace with your Creator.

I need to THANK YOU for your example. Nelson, Miichael and myself... realize that you are intrinsically with us...the moments when you are neeeded most, you are "present."

I am also thankful that you were able to acknowledge our mother Nora, (her life with you was a series of hardships with deep-seated mental angush) She has forgiven you!! PLEASE continue to guide us, all of us. Your grandchildren also are a reflection of you...Timmy and Rachel are wonderful links to you. (Baruch HaShem) ***WE LOVE YOU*** One day we will all be together, this time-- a whole family--

May your name & memory be for a blessing! Nora, Michael, Nelson, Luis, Timmy and Rachel RODRIGUEZ

Nora E. Rodriguez Acevedo
Luis E. Rodriguez
Nelson A. Rodriguez
Michael A. Rodriguez
Timothy N.J.Rodriguez
T.Rachel Rodriguez ** Romans 8:28 **


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