In Loving Memory of

Katherine Myrtle-November 17th, 1917-October 15th, 2000
Wife if the late Robert Dickson Myrtle
Sister of the late Edgar, Wellesly, and Albert Primett. Sister of the late Nancy Rose Primett. Survived by sisters Betty and Mildred "SIS".
Survived by daughters Maureen Myrtle Ensign, Deborah Myrtle Searles, and Kathleen Myrtle and sons Michael Myrtle, Robert Myrtle, Patrick Myrtle, Steven Myrtle, and Hugh Myrtle.
Sons-in-law Robert Ensign and Steve Searles. Daughters-in-law Karen Myrtle, Patricia Myrtle, Mary Carroll Myrtle, Marianne Myrtle, and Carol Myrtle.
Grandchildren, Robert Ensign, Thomas Ensign, James Ensign, Tracy Ratigan, Barbara Gregg, Dawn Myrtle, Amanda Myrtle, Michele Myrtle, Melissa Mendiola, David Myrtle, Sarah Myrtle, Bridget Mullen, Matthew Mullen, Jason Myrtle, Lynda Myrtle, Sean Myrtle, Joshua Myrtle, Erin Myrtle, and Danielle Myrtle.
Grandchildren-in-law Donna Ensign, Diane Ensign, Kurt Ratigan, Tim Gregg, Brian Wood, Miguel Mendiola, Jenn, Kersten, and Jacque.
Great-grandchildren Brittany Ensign, Eric Ensign, Tommy Ensign Jr., Amber Ensign, Dylan Ratigan, Katarina Searles, Timmy Gregg Jr., David Wood, Andrew Wood, Justin, Austin Myrtle, CJ, Claudasia, and Jason Myrtle Jr.
(I hope I haven't forgotten anyone)
It's only been a few hours since you passed, and already I miss you so much that I can't stand it. I really can't believe this, but I actually miss the hospital, and wish I were there with you right now. You were such a wonderful person. In the last few days, while we were all at the hospital with you, I've learned exactly how special you always will be. You are our angel. Just look at this legacy you've created. Without you, none of us would have been here. You are loved so much and by so many.....

I can only hope that you felt all the love around you as you were nearing the end, and that it was comforting to you. I can only hope that you are happy now, with new eyes and ears and legs and a new heart. I pray that you have found Grandpa and Wellsley and Nancy Rose and the others. I can never imagine how hard it was for you to leave us all. I do know how hard it is to let you go. My one comfort is knowing that you will be there waiting for me when its time to see you again. I will bring you chocolate. I miss you so much, Grammie. I know it's selfish to want you back, but I do. I want you back so bad that it hurts my heart. I hope heaven is beautiful and soft and warm. I am happy for you that all you're pain is over. I hope you never hurt again. Please watch over us all. Find me all the good spots up there ok? When I see you again we'll dance the charlston. I will love you forever and never forget you.



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