In Loving Memory of
Jean Paul Roxas Melendres

Now you are at the place where you were before you were born. In the distant stars, hoovering up above. I know we cannot bring you back, but if you were still here you are greatly loved. Please don't get mad at me that day you passed away, when I try to keep the car from you, I was compelled for you to stay at home until your girfriend's parents pick her up at the airport. Mom, dad, John, Jeff, Julius, and I know that your death is something that we can't deny. I'm still in shock, I'm still in pain, I'm always feeling blue. Every word, every phrase, everything reminds me of you. If I known I could have done this, If I known they should of done that, it hurts so much to think of all the things that I should have changed on that very day your spirit left this world. But I was assured that whatever I could have done that day would have not made a difference. Because GOD was calling for a conference of all the special projects that He wanted you to do to earn your wings. All the big stuff and the smaller things. I sit at this terminal writing a rap that you probably could have thought up better: every word, every phrase, every sentence, every letter. Just remember Jean Paul the family and I love you very much. Always protect us and provide a loving touch.

Ate Janice


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