In Loving Memory of

DECEMBER 17,1956- DECEMBER 24,1997
Dear Mom,
We miss you so much! I wish you could have been there on my wedding day.You wouldn't believe how many times that day I was told I look just like you!And how many people told me you'd be proud...I HOPE SO! You were in my heart that day and everyday! Sarah misses you soo much, I'm trying my hardest to raise her how you would want...I think you would be proud of the beautiful young lady she is becoming and when weird stuff happens around the house she looks up to the sky and says"not funny mom" She thinks you play jokes on her...DO YOU? The holidays are coming up fast I know that was your favorite time of year but it's so hard for us loosing you on Christmas Eve... But at the same time Christmas time makes me feel closer to you like you're right here with me, holding me in your arms like when I was a little girl! I Love You and Miss You every second of everyday!The thought of seeing you again one day in Heaven gets me through!

Love you forever!


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