In Loving Memory of
Mary Furtado ~ My Grandma

Dear Grandma, You died two months ago, but you've been gone so much longer in my heart. I always wish you were here. I don't look forward to Sundays anymore because you won't be coming over for dinner. I miss playing cards with you. I cheated and you always knew. I miss how close we were. I think about you every day. I pray to you all the time. I keep thinking about Christmas. I can't picture you not walking in the door with your Christmas attire. I think of the last day I saw you before you got sick. I am always so glad I told you I loved you and hugged you. But I would give anything to be able to do that again. Grandma I want you to know that I will never stop loving you even though you are gone. Until we meet again in heaven, I love you.

Love always, Stephanie


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