In Loving Memory of
Scott Mills

How long I have tried to write this Scott, and I still don't have the right words. How do I tell you Thank you for being my son. How do I tell you how much I still love you when there are no words to express the passion for which I feel whenever I think of you. Love, adore, respect, and cherish are not enough. This is supposed to be a memorial though, and so it will be. To the wonderful young man that agreed to be my son and grow with me. Or rather helped me grow. To the wonderful man who always found a way to help people. Who fed bums under the bridge and pushed stalled cars of strangers out of intersections. Who fed the "Street Lady" with money from his part time job. Who chased the thief and helped the police catch him. Who became a Fire Explorer and organized the troup to help people, and found the excitement at the age of 16. Who stopped the drunk from driving. Who led the life of love and caring and sharing and knowing. Who held my hand and was my best friend for 18 years. You gave me love. You gave me an example I can only strive to follow. You gave me you for 18 years and I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL.



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