In Loving Memory of
Dale Troy Uhrich

The first date records when he entered into time. The second date marks his exit. The children he helped raise, the education he had attained, the goals he had reached are encapsulated by one hyphen between those dates. All the loving he recieved and gave, all the challenges he overcame, all he accomplished is now simply a slash between two dates. This is all life ends up being--the gap between dates etched on a stone.

What is important is how we fill in the blanks between that hyphen.The dates are set by God and we can not change them.What we can do is control what we have control over,change what we can change, and survive what we cannot. In the end, a person is no more than the things he or she has done, the places he or she visited and the events that occured. All that matters is the hyphen between the dates. ^i^ We love you Dale, we miss you and think about you everyday.

Love you, miss you, nothing will ever be the same with out your beautiful smile ^i^ Tena


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