In Loving Memory of
Ernest Stephen Frost

Tata (Grandfather) by Candice Astudillo Clouds are forming in the sky; I feel like I could lie down and cry. I miss all the things we used to do, But knowing that I can't Makes me realize How much I loved you. Family reunions won't be the same; I miss you so much. Only time could stop this pain. I hope you had a wonderful life, In spite of all those useless fights; And when it rains I'll think only of you. There would just be one thing I would do; I'll get a picture of you and sit on my bed, And my thoughts would only be of you - Because in my opinion you are not dead. All the family misses you, And I do too. I can't wait for that one day When I would be reunited with You.

Grampie - Thank you for watching over Selena and making sure she had a save entrance into this world. You will always be in our hearts. We love and miss you. Love Chrissy


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