In Loving Memory of
Dean R. Smith

I remember the first time I saw Dean, All I could say was WOW! he was so good-looking. He was the wild outgoing adventurous type, me the quiet intrevert. We dated for a while, fell in love and ultimately married. And began to raise a family, first born was Lori, then Debbie, Lisa and Dean Charles. Dean was a hard working and tried his best to provide for our family, we did not always have the best in a material sense, but one thing we had and that was love for our family. In time our live went in different directions, but always we remanined the best of friends. I am glad I was there in the end, we talked about the good old days and laughed about some of the silly things we did, we also talked about our kids, and how proud we were of them, he said " I guess we did a good job as parents, they all turned out great, he was pleased that they all found such great partners for each other. We were a little concerned or even skeptical about some of the people they dated. And they know who they were. He was a brave, stong man, in the end he chose to be at home with the people he loved. We were there when he left us, holding his hand as he began his new journey to another place. Before he left we ask him to give us a sign he had made his journey safely. About a half an hour later, the kids were on the porch, expressing they hope he was ok, suddenly a beautiful blue light appeared above the church. He came to the end of one journey and is beginning a start of another.

Millie M. Smith


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