In Loving Memory of
Monica Lynn Earles

To the most beautiful daughter that I could have ever wished, Monica. I miss you so badly and I feel that my heart will never mend. It is hard to continue on in this world without sharing my life with you. There are so many things in life that I wanted to share, we had only just begun. I know that you are watching me so I will try and make you proud. I pray that God keeps you close and that you are truly happy and at peace. I wish that I could have been there for you as you took your last breath. I wanted to comfort you when you needed me most. I know that your journey to Heaven was peaceful, but I also know that you must have been scared. I would have done ANYTHING to protect you, but wasn't there to keep this tragic accident from happening.

You have brought me so much pride, joy, and happiness in the 13 years that we shared. I know that I am blessed for being chosen as your mother. You have taught me so many things, Monica. I miss your jokes, your smile, your friendship, and everything about you. You are so smart, you knew what you wanted to be and how you were going to get there - you just AMAZE ME! I beam with pride every time I talk about you.

Don't worry about your kitty, Sammy, we're taking good care of him for you.

Your brother, Ryan, loves and misses you so very much. He will be missing out on so many things. Watch over him Monica, he misses you so. Keep checking in on us from time to time, we know you're there. You will be a part of our lives forever - I promise to keep your memory alive. You are in my heart and on my mind every day. Until we meet again, my beautiful daughter.

Your Loving Mom

Monica Lynn Earles 11/15/86 - 7/28/00


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