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When your son cries in my arms because he misses you Then I know you meant the world in his life. And it's easy for me to comfort him, Although it should be done by his wife. But I feel his pain and his hurt, And I stand and face all of that fear. And I know things would be so much more perfect If only his mother were here. But that's all the past cause you're gone now And when I need him he's there when I cry And you're with him every step of the way in his heart You, his precious daughter, and I. Dear "Mom", Your son is the most important thing in my world, and I am doing what I should when I hold him in my arms and tell him that everything will be alright. He wants to see you, and if he does, I am coming, too. But if there is any way that you can let him know that he has a future on earth...I would greatly appreciate it. I know that you want to see him, too, but I know that you want him to be here to watch his baby to grow up and to watch his grandbabies and great-grandbabies grow up and have your and his spirit in them as they learn about life. I think he feels like I'm pulling him to stay and you need him with you, but he doesn't realize that you are with him every second of every minute. I feel your presence in him, and I love you so much that I'm excited to see you as soon as I can. But I know that I haven't yet come to that point in life where I'm ready to leave earth. I want to be with David forever here because sometimes I'm afraid of what happens next. But he knows that I am not leaving his side, EVER! I am so in love that I can't describe it, and I wish things were more simple. I just had to get out some emotions to you, somehow. It's good for the soul. Your son proved to me today that he was a man, and I'll love him and stand by him unconditionally forever. I love you and promise that I will take care of him because I know you would want me to. I know you are standing above watching us...and I promise we will be there to see you, but we have unfinished business here to attend to.

With all my love, Jennifer


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