In Loving Memory of
Mike Mitch Tony

Mike,Mitch,and Tony, You are sadly missed. You all were loved very much. I hope that all of your families will find comfort from God. I hope that all your grieving friends will come to terms with your deaths and also be comforted by God. May God help Joe, Jen, and Ron deal with the pain of the memories of that fatal crash. I ask God to help us all and ease the pain of this tragic loss. I hope that all that are grieving know God and will pray for one another. May God be with all of us everyday, but more during this time of need. As a parent of one of your friends I feel for your families, I see first hand what it is doing to your friends and I pray that soon they will all be comforted by God. God bless all whos lives have been touched by the sudden loss of these fine boys.

God bless each and every person who is dealing with the loss of these boys and may God help the three survivors heal from within. Cindy


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