In Loving Memory of
Sara Smith (Our Precious Mother)

Our Precious Mother (Sara Smith) died on June 15th 2000 at 9:20pm. She had breast cancer. She has my Father and 7 children and 17 grandchildren that miss her so much. She told us to be strong and said her Goodbyes. She said (It has to be). It 3 months and 5 days today and it still hurts so much and I want everyone to know that Our Precious Mother was so caring, so gentle, so perfect and now she is with GOD. She told us all that she would be with us always but its so hard not to see her, to talk with her, to get a hug from her. Sara Smith Is and Always will be a beautiful person and will Always be a part of our family life. We think about her every second of the day and were staying strong (trying too). It's very hard... Everyone who still has there Precious Mother with them, please enjoy them, they are so very special................ We love you so much Mom. Forever and a day.........................................Your family...

Your Family Forever. (Yours so Precious to us Mother) We love you so very much and miss you more.


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