In Loving Memory of

Beloved son, it has been 6 weeks since you've been gone and oh how lonely I've been. Seems like I just saw your handsome face and laughed at your corney jokes. You had no idea that that fateful Friday morning we would never see each other again, or I'm sure that you wouldn't have made those plans. You were so happy though to ride your Polaris 400, and it made me smile to see the joy in your eyes. How we wish that we could take it all back!! We would never have let you had that bike if we knew it was going to take you away from us Forever! We will never forget you, Matt, we pray for you everyday and really hope that we will meet again someday! SOON!!! We love you very very much!! You were the life of our family! At 18 you really knew how to make an impression! We have to realize that God loved you too, that's why He took you home to be with Him. That makes us proud when we're not crying. If you look down upon us, we hope you think we're doing a good job of being brave for you. Because missing you is the hardest thing we've had to do in our whole life. God bless you Matt, WE LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

Lovingly Your Mom, Joyce Your Dad, David and Your beloved sister Marcia


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