In Loving Memory of
Barbara Urban "Aunt Barb"

My Mommy, My Angel

My Mommy had to go away, an Angel said she had a playdate with God today.

Now she’s in heaven watching over me, she’s smiling and laughing as I would believe.

Someday she’ll hold me again, and tell me what a good boy I have been.

I started saving all my kisses and hugs, so when I see her again she knows she was loved.

My Mommy is now My Angel you see, I am very lucky to have her watching over me.

She's the sun every morning at light, and she guides my dreams every night.

Not a day will go by, that I won’t miss her and want her to comfort me when I cry.

But I know she is always here in my heart, and now I can watch her fly.

Dedicated to the loss of a Beautiful Mother, Sister, Aunt, and Friend to all, Barbara Urban We will always Love you.


All my love always. I miss you lots. I'm very grateful to have had you as an aunt. Until we meet again...adieu and Love - Christine Harris "Christy"


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