In Loving Memory of
Analicia Cruz

Footprints Across our Hearts-- The door is closed. The lights turned off. The closet stands bare. All the room once waiting... For the child that should be there. Sorrow wells up inside us. Our tears, an endless flow. All because we miss the child... The child we'll never know. No camping trips, No soccer games, Nor late evening talks, No baseball camps or shopping trips No shaded moutain walks. We have not even memories To help through times like these We only have each other, as we go down on our knees.... To plead with you, our Father, To take this pain away... To help us know your love will guide us through the day. We may never know the reasons For this terrible tragedy; But we can know you love us through all life's mysteries. Our time was far too brief; It was over before its start... But our little angel left behind Footprints Across Our Heart---

Always in our Hearts- Your Family & Friends


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