In Loving Memory of
Dean Smith

A great man filled with great love and compassion for those close to him. A man of great strength through all the trials and pains life threw his way, A man of great strength and a sense of humor even to the end. I am so great ful to have had the opportunity to say goodbye even though it was via the telephone, it was the same as if I were there. He appreciated as did I those words we exchanged, I told him I will always be grateful for being a part of our family. Grateful for the fact that because of him I had three wonderful neices and a nephew that I love as I would my own children. He has gone on now to a great and wonderful place filled with joy and happiness that we could not describe with words. He will be here with you in spirit till he knows everyone is ok..and in those times in the future to help us through troubling times that may be upon us. I wish I could be there today in person, to personnaly hug and confort and share my love with you all, but know my thoughts and my prayers are with you all. I am blessed to be a part of such a wonderful loving family, Dean has gone home to the other side but he will live in our hearts and our souls always. God Bless you Dean, Thanks again for the priveledge of sharing your life with us.



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