In Loving Memory of
Lucy Morrison

Dearest mom, It's been a month and one day since you went to heaven and I still can't believe you're gone.It's so very hard to accept your death; and sometimes I think that you'll just walk through the door like nothing has happened.I'm not mad at God for taking you, but I NEED to know you're O.K. I think you have given me signs, too.I hope so much that you have.Sometimes I would like to just scream at the top of my lungs until God gets tired of hearing me and sends you back. :)I've had to start a new life and it is so empty without you.I feel like I am all alone in this world.I can't believe you're not going to be here for any of the holidays or our birthdays.When I wake up in the middle of the night sick, who's going to sit with me?I have so many regrets,but on the same token, I have wonderfully, precious memories of you I will NEVER forget.I am so thankful for all those years with you, but I still wish I had at least one more day...

I love and miss you so much...... Can