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Doing Research Through GriefNet

GriefNet protects its users from unwanted contact by persons wishing to find respondents for research of any sort. No one may approach GriefNet users, found by any means, to solicit any sort of information from or about them. This includes literary researchers, including news reporters and magazine writers, as well as social science researchers.

However, we do believe in the importance of social science research, especially in this developing area of death, dying, grief, and loss. We ask our users whether they would be willing to be approached for research purposes by qualified researchers, and keep a list of those who are willing.

To qualify, our researches must pass our human subjects criteria. We use the same criteria as the Federal government. Researchers working in universities which receive Federal funding will have easy access to these guidelines. Others can find them by contacting university library reference desks. Click here for a sample of the form I used for my own dissertation.

If you believe your research will qualify, send me an abstract of your proposal or a short description of your article, and explain how the human subjects safeguards will be ensured. We will give you all the help we can to make your work acceptable.

Cendra Lynn, Ph.D.
Founder & Director

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