Here we who mourn find safety and healing from those who mourn with us. At GriefNet we believe that healing is a natural process in everyone, and that it will occur if the environment, both within and without the person, is nourishing and protected from illness or harm.

We who are here know how it feels to be alone at the end of one’s world. We know that aching void that makes our lives, for a time, seem not worthwhile. We know the searing anguish of having one’s loved one torn untimely from our arms. We know the horror of unthinkable deaths. We know the injustice of having our children die before us. We know the guilt that follows relief at the end of a loved one’s lengthy illness. We know the loss of meaning that comes with multiple losses.

At GriefNet we can talk about the unmentionable. We can talk about the terrors that arise when we close our eyes at night. We can share the nightmares that continue during our days. We talk about the sneak attacks of grief that find us sobbing in supermarket aisles, the phone calls we begin to make to our lost loved ones, the articles of clothing we save for the comfort of their smells.

No loss is unshareable: parents who have lost children, children who have lost parents, adults losing both children and parents. Here we can mourn the loss of our unborn babies, of our children placed for adoption. We have support groups for the loss of life companions, including spouses, friends, even beloved pets. New groups are formed for newcomers with new needs.

Though your loss may be similar to others, your loss is also unique. Our staff of bereavement professionals oversees all our groups, so that no one’s grief gets overlooked. We are led by Dr. Cendra Lynn, a clinical psychologist who has worked with grief and growth support groups for over 30 years. She is a death educator and counsellor, a certified traumatologist and lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She has specialized in grief and loss and teaches and trains grief professionals internationally. Each group is monitored and personal or interpersonal problems are forwarded to Dr. Lynn for her assistance.

You are welcome here.

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