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Again, there are so many pictures, we can't post them all. The world is grieving with us.

This letter was authored by a British woman who lived in Houston with her Norwegian husband for many years.

Dear friends:
It's almost midnight on Wednesday evening in Oslo, and I have just come home from a walk down to the American Embassy, where I added my flowers and candles to those already there. I'd like to describe it to you:

A perfect evening, very dark, but lots of stars, around 60 degrees, not a breath of wind. On one side of the street the embassy itself, where they were hard at work adding a second row of concrete barriers. On the other side of the street, in front of the railings alongside the palace grounds, a hundred yards or so of outpourings of sympathy from the people of Oslo: Thousands of candles, all sizes, some standing alone, others arranged in patterns - hearts, crosses, the letters USA. Bouquets of flowers of all kinds, from the simplest wildflowers to beautiful bouquets.An exquisite wreath from the firefighters of Oslo. Norwegian and American flags. Letters and cards in many languages. Messages of hope, love, sympathy - and outrage. Children's paintings and drawings - some depictng the horror of the plane about to hit the tower with childlike simplicity, others showing children on their knees praying for God to give America comfort. A placard with the words "The Atlantic is a creek, our sympathy is an ocean, America is the world." Many, many people of all ages, walking slowly, reading the cards and letters, and adding their own contributions. Not a sound to be heard, except for that of people trying to control their tears.

It was extraordinarily beautiful, and incredibly moving. I think it was the utter silence that was the most powerful aspect. The silence of grief and mind-numbing outrage.

I thought you would like to know. God bless you...

Belfast Toronto
Copenhagen Dresden
Beijing Paris
Glasgow India
London Tel Aviv
South Korea


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