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We are asked to return to to "normal" life, but we will never forget - or stop grieving with our neighbors.

May we remember each day our firefighters, construction workers, police, soldiers, and volunteers from all walks of life who continue with incredible bravery, day after day, to recover those who were lost September 11, 2001.

I am from NY and work a block away from the trade center. We were working out of New Jersey for two weeks and today was my first day back to our New York office.

Every morning when I came out of the train station I was greeted by these two massive towers. As the sun rose over Manhattan it covered the towers with its rays, turning the silver metal to a golden color. The glare off the steel was blinding.

Today I saw emptiness. It was cloudy and gray outside.

There was nothing there to greet me.

There was no noise or traffic on Broadway. No horns tooting, no trucks no buses. The street was empty, the normal morning scenario was replaced by the large number of Policemen and soldiers in their camouflage uniforms lined up on Broadway.

Today I was greeted by devastation and emptiness. - Terry, Griefnet Member

As the investigation of the September 11th attacks progresses, a picture of the average New York victim emerges. In its study of over 2,600 people identified as missing or dead, Newsday - week of October 22, 2001, says three-quarters were men, over a third were in their 30s and almost 2,000 lived in the New York City, suburban New Jersey or on Long Island. Men and women from more than 770 cities in 41 states and from 60 nations, lost friends or family members in the tragedy.

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